Best Tricycles for Toddlers of 2020

Toddlers love a flashy tricycle, but for this age, it’s important to have something durable to withstand their playful nature. Trikes are a wholesome method of teaching your little one balance, coordination, and some early biking skills. However, finding the best tricycles for toddlers may be easier said than done.

Finding the balance between a fun toy and a sturdy, safe tricycle kids trike. There are a few points that need consideration, but we’ll help you out.

The Best Tricycles for Toddlers of 2020

Now you know what to look for, but to help you further we did some research on expert blogs and sorted through parent reviews. We found our picks for the ten best tricycles for toddlers.

  1. Lightweight Tricycle for Toddler By Infant

With outstanding reviews from parents and an excellent reputation online, this trike from Infans is worth its top spot. It’s a lightweight tricycle with easy-to-reach, anti-slip pedals, suitable for children aged 2 to 5 years or up to 55 pounds.

This trike is all about safety and giving your little one confidence to ride. It has a large front wheel used for steering that also works to stabilize the tricycle.

Another point worth mentioning is the durable frame. Infants uses a double triangle design, providing ample sturdiness for tumbles or other external forces.

The three wheels are made of high-quality EVA material. They’re described as inflation-free. They’re solid, wear-resistant, and capable of going over almost any terrain while providing some shock absorption.

Our favorite features are the adjustable seat and handlebar. You can alter both into two positions, which increases the longevity of the trike and allows your little one to grow with it.


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