Herbal Remedies For Head Lice

Gee? Removed many books from the library isn’t that right? I see they have a typical subject – spices. Is there an explanation behind that? Gracious, I see, you’re searching for a Herbal based solution for lice. I want to assist you with that.

In the event that time is of the substance – and typically with head lice it is – you truly don’t have the opportunity to look through each natural book in your library. Nor do you truly have the advantage of surfing through the web for Herbal answers.

However, truly you truly feel more great treating your family with characteristic spices. Here I give you perhaps the best and most straightforward natural medicines for head lice. Herbal lice treatment is a lot more secure and less brutal than physician endorsed medication and are similarly as powerful in murdering and eliminating head lice.

Turmeric With a Little Help From Some Friends

The spice turmeric can give you alleviation from a lice infestation when joined with a few different fixings. The accompanying cure tells you the best way to direct it.

The fixings required for this natural cure incorporate turmeric, castor oil, mustard oil and seem.

Take one teaspoon of castor oil and one of mustard oil. Combine them. To this add new turmeric and seem leaf glue. Mix them altogether. Apply this quickly to your hair and scalp.

What’s more, here’s the means by which: Spreading out your hair, attempt to get this blend as near the scalp as could be expected under the circumstances. Allow it to remain on your head for two hours. After this you can cleanser your hair ordinarily. Reapply this combination once per week for a month.


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