What The Bible Teaches About Faith

“Without confidence, it is difficult to satisfy God.” This is the thing that the bible teaching is all about, this heavenly profound power called confidence. Confidence is accepting. It’s trusting in God and in the authority of His composed Word, the Sacred Scriptures. In any case, this acceptance is certainly not a psychological thing. To be sure, confidence goes past our psyches. Confidence isn’t only a perspective. It really originates from the human soul, because of hearing what God needs to state about a specific subject. For example, confidence for salvation drops by hearing what God’s Word needs to state about turning into an offspring of God. (Romans 10:9-17) Faith for recuperating comes through hearing what the Word of God teaches about mending. (Acts 14: 7-10) And confidence for any everyday issue can be picked up by discovering what the Bible teaches about that specific issue and following up on what is composed.

Did I say follow up on God’s Word? For sure I did, for without activity, confidence is dead. Genuine accepting is following up on God’s Word. In the event that there is no activity, one doesn’t accept. Confidence at that point is a demonstration. Furthermore, everybody in the Bible, who had confidence, followed up on God’s Word and in this way observed the consequences of their confidence shown.

The Bible announces that, “Presently confidence is the substance of things sought after, the proof of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1) This uncovers to us that confidence is accepting past what we can see right now. Confidence is believing in God and what He needs to state about something, paying little heed to what is seen or felt in this common physical world. Again I accentuate that confidence is an otherworldly power. It isn’t mental. It is considerably more than a perspective. It causes a perspective. Since I accept what God has stated, I control my reasoning and make my musings line up with the Bible. On the off chance that God says that on the off chance that I admit with my mouth Jesus as Lord and put stock in my heart that He has become alive once again I will be spared, and I accept that, at that point I will acknowledge Christ as Lord and after that second, acting in confidence, I will announce that I am spared, paying little heed to how I feel. My sentiments have nothing to do with my salvation. God ‘s Word says that I am spared, so I am. My emotions will simply need to look up some other time. What’s more, learn to expect the unexpected. In the event that I demonstrate like I am spared, subsequent to giving my life to Jesus Christ, the outcomes will be that my emotions will begin to acknowledge what occurred and afterward I may get a few sentiments about it. By the way, my emotions are not my confirmation of my salvation. The Bible is my verification. The Bible says that I am spared, so I am.

Confidence is clutching what God says and declining to give up. It is standing firm upon His Word. It is understanding that God’s Word is the Ultimate Truth to which all that should bow and come in line. On the off chance that I have confidence in God and His Word, at that point His Word will consistently be the deciding variable in my choice makings. What is confidence? It is putting stock in God and setting out to follow up on His Word. Without activity there isn’t genuine confidence.

Sheldon D. Newton is an uplifting and powerful orator, instructor, minister and workshop teacher. He is the Founder and Senior minister of Jesus Christ Centered Ministries International and the writer of different books including, Refuse to Live the Common Life, The Positive Power of Biblical Affirmations, Humility and the Honor of God and True Spirituality.


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